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In the Beginning

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In the Beginning

released May 12, 2017

shélan o’keefe - vocals // ukulele // trumpet (sort of) 
henry kellam - drums // bass // percussion // guitar // harmonica
mána taylor hjörleifsdóttir - rap (“corridors”) 
snow ellet - electric guitar ("whiskey between") // bells ("cranes") 


all songs written by swellshark (shélan o’keefe + henry kellam) 
mixed + mastered by snow ellet
recorded in chicago at the pocket by snow ellet
and at treefort studios by henry kellam


cover design by henry kellam
swellshark illustrations by russ white • 
font by ieva meZule •

Songs from the Island

released August 17, 2015

shélan o'keefe - vocals // ukulele
henry kellam - drums // bass // percussion // backing vocals // guitar // harmonica


recorded + mixed by swellshark at t-roos studios

all songs written by swellshark (shélan o’keefe + henry kellam)



cover photo by shélan o'keefe



The Basement EP

released October 12, 2014

shélan o'keefe - vocals // ukulele // guitar
henry kellam - bass // drums // guitar


all songs written by swellshark (shélan o’keefe + henry kellam)

recorded + mixed by ryan hryhorysak


“How should we describe the music of the musical duo known as Swellshark? Sweet and somber? Lonely but playful? Sad and happy? It seems like all the words apply when listening to ‘Numb + Insensible.’ Shélan O’Keefe and Henry Kellam (aka Swellshark) fuse together a buoyant indie folk sound with pensive lyrics that seek to root out all those insecurities you sought to subjugate.”
— YabYum Music & Arts (U.S. Music Blog)
“Chicago-based duo Swellshark are going to release their debut album ‘In The Beginning’ and even if the folk-pop and ukulele things rarely surprise us, they have succeeded in catching us with their latest track Numb + Insensible.”
— HighClouds Magazine (Belgian Music Blog)
“Henry Kellam (bass/drums) and Shélan O’Keefe (vocals/ukulele) are the Chicago-based duo behind Swellshark and Ransom is their first single since last year’s Songs from the Island EP… Playfully charming, Ransom displays what the duo have in store for the rest of the album— a fun backyard dance party surrounded by jubilant smiling faces.”
— Ohestee (Canadian Music Blog)
“I was lucky enough to see Swellshark live back in January… They blew me away— they’re absolutely killer… You have Henry, who is their one-man rhythm section. He’s just an incredible bassist… And he’s also a killer drummer… The other half of Swellshark is Shélan… She’s the lead vocalist, plays the ukulele— does amazing things with the ukulele— stuff I’ve never heard before, and I’ve been around the musical block”
— Out of the Feedback Loop (U.S. Podcast)
“This electric ukulele-shredding, beatbox-looping, and occasionally harmonica-wielding duo produces an appealing vibe you want to jump to in all directions. Swirling kick from their versatile and entertaining debut album ‘In The Beginning’ ”
— Turn Up The Volume! (Belgian Music Blog)

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